Cape Royale Site Plan

A trove of indulgences

 Cape Royale Site Plan


    A. Ocean Pool

    B. Serenity Pool

    C. Jacuzzi Pods

    D. Children’s Wading Pool

    E. Reflective Ponds

    F. ECO Ponds

    G. Koi Oasis

    H. Grill Pavilion

    I. Relaxation Alcove

    J. Yoga Deck

    K. Function Room

    L. Gym

    M. Grand Plaza

    N. Guard House

    O. Main Entrance

    P. Service Entrance

 Cape Royale Facilities

Claim your corner of paradise

The promise of genuine waterfront living at a prestigious address. The prospect of calling one of the world's most illustrious marina communities, home. Introducing the high-rise paradise that is Cape Royale - an icon at the gateway. of Sentosa Cove.

 Cape Royale Facilities

Cape Royale.
The Waterfront Residence of Choice

This iconic development offers 302 luxuriously appointed units. Residents can look forward to enjoying a unique integrated marina lifestyle against the backdrop of a tropical environment that's in itself a rare treat.

 Cape Royale Facilities

Iconic architecture amidst pristine waters

Cape Royale draws inspiration from its luxurious seafront location with iconic curvilinear design on its facade to create beautiful coral-like details that are breathtaking to behold. The height of the towers and their staggered positions are highly functional, enabling units to enjoy panoramic vistas of their immaculate surrounds. Across its manicured grounds, sea creature-inspired sculptures adorn the landscape, creating pockets of art along key water features in the development.

 Cape Royale Facilities

Come home to your comfort zone

Nothing beats coming home to Cape Royale and feeling a welcome energising boost, the moments you catch sight of our Grand Plaza despite your long day.

 Cape Royale Facilities

Timeless views from the infinity pools

Indulge in a luxurious collection of water-themed facilities for the ultimate fun under the sun. The infinity edge of both the Ocean Pool and Serenity Pool offer spectacular views of the deep, blue sea while Jacuzzi Pods invite you to sit back and soak them in. The little ones can also look forward to a splashing good time in the Children’s Wading Pool. Sensual Streams meander undisturbed, while exquisite sea-creature art, including Koi sculptures in the Koi Oasis, encapsulate nature’s wonders in harmony with urban living.

 Cape Royale Facilities

Form and function go hand in hand

At Cape Royale, our gymnasium and function room are practically designed to meet the specific needs of users. Both are fully equipped with the best from the world's top lifestyle brands so you can emerge - from your workout or party - feeling exhilarated and gratified.

At Cape Royale, relaxation comes in various forms.

Take time out for peace and quiet at our two Relaxation Alcoves. The Yoga Deck is the perfect place to stretch and perform your sun salutations. Entertain and bond over BBQ at the well-equipped Grill Pavilion. Or slow down for a leisurely stroll in our lush landscaped gardens.

 Cape Royale Facilities

Panoramic vistas beyond compare

As one of the tallest condominiums in Sentosa Cove, Cape Royale affords a view quite unlike any other: a breathtaking 180-degree span of unblocked viewing pleasure of the sea, sky and surrounds. Embrace the breathtaking sights, beheld from your very own expansive balcony. Having such a lavish space opens up endless possibilities for you and the ones you hold dear. Enjoy private moments of yoga, sip afternoon tea or evening wine with some friends, or indulge in an intimate alfresco dining experience with a significant other.

 Cape Royale Facilities

The great indoors, your private sanctuary

At Cape Royale, spaces are plenty to live large. To accommodate more of what you love. More breathing space. More room for treasured possessions. More space to express celebrations of life. With your privacy of utmost importance, arrive at the basement car park that comes with a private lobby with a Video-Audio intercom system and lift access directly to your unit. Additionally, each unit comes equipped with a spacious private locker perfect for storing bulky items like golf clubs.

 Cape Royale Facilities

Master the art of rest

Much of value has been written about sleep, but rest is different; it is how we unwind, calm our minds and recharge our bodies. At Cape Royale, our master bedrooms are a thoughtful mix of style and sensibility, snug and spacious for a restful, balanced life.

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